Day 13: Recipe Testing

What would 12-year old you say (midway through a tub of Ben & Jerry’s) that one day you’ll be tasting the stuff for a living? Not exactly true yet, but at the same time not a million miles away. And it’s f**king awesome.⁣

Twice a week we churn a fresh batch of the cold stuff, noting ingredients, method and results in our little black book. Then it’s time to break out the toppings..✨Smash in any combination of cake, biscuit, pie, caramel, jam, brownie, chocolate, nut, rainbow, cheesecake, roll, tart or soufflé and you’ve got something magical on tap, because everything tastes better with ice cream (sort of).⁣

One thing we’ve come to recognise is the balance between richness and refreshment that’s affected by the amount of egg yolk. It’s details like these that make all the difference if you’re going to deal in 10/10s.

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