Day 15: Frozen Custard Machines

There are many ways to produce and serve frozen custard but those stateside do it best (at least for now). A little research revealed that some use actual ‘frozen custard machines’ as opposed to soft serve with settings for custard.

We contacted Taylor UK (who manufacture the beasts) and enquired about the dedicated models. One of them, we learned, had two separate chambers – ideal for adding a vegan custard to the menu. The agent was kind but had a suspicious tone in his voice and pressed for more information about the business. He went on to explain that there were only a handful in the country, and they cost £35,000 a piece.. 😧

After our eyebrows returned from the backs of our heads we thanked him for his time but “no thanks”. Fortunately there were lots of alternative options – the Taylor C002 will have to wait.

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