Day 17: Market Opportunity

Investment decisions are based on the belief that market conditions will enable growth over time. Whilst it’s not possible to completely eliminate risk, the right research can help you place a good bet. For now, here are some of the things on our side.⁣

1. Premiumisation // European market sales indicate an increasing demand for ice cream that feels like an indulgence and a luxury. Because it rarely qualifies as a healthy option, consumers want the calories to be worth it when they go in. This trend is stronger in big cities like London.⁣

2. Novelty // Today’s connected consumers have a surplus of options at their fingertips. This can lead to boredom with the ordinary and dessert is no exception. People want a product that can provide a novel experience, and if it’s easily instagrammable, all the better.⁣

3. Small Batch // Consumers are increasingly likely to seek out hand-crafted products made with high quality ingredients, such as craft beer, coffee and bread. Food is one of the fastest-growing areas for luxury spending.⁣

4. Awareness // With lots of big brands racing to get a foothold in low-cal and non-diary there’s a bubble in advertising spend on ice cream. This raises public awareness of exciting alternatives – ice cream is changing and here’s how to keep up.

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