Day 2: An Idea

Our first taste of frozen custard came hitchhiking the Mid West in 2014. It’s a warm evening in summertime, dozens of locals are perched on car bonnets around a diner forecourt in St. Louis. We order the Caramel Apple Sundae – American-style frozen custard blended with hot chunks of spiced apple pie – and it’s a f**king triumph. Nostalgic, surprising, luxurious and đŸ’¯delicious. We were back the next day.

Fast forward five years, living in London. We hear about a place that has frozen custard on the menu and head down for lunch, looking forward to being transported back to that summer night in St. Louis. Not even close. We look up other places to get some in London and there aren’t any. And hardly anyone here even knows what frozen custard is. It’s about time that they did.

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