Day 20: Adding Value First

The historic (and boring) four p’s of marketing (product, price, place, promotion) are being challenged today by a simple idea – adding value first. People aren’t interested in another digital ad trying to convince them to buy crap. Speak to some modern marketing professional and it’s all about trying to ‘engage’ people – what about elevating them instead?

One important question that we asked ourselves early was: beyond the product, how can we help? What value could we add before we’ve got anything to sell? Clogging up people’s feeds with messages about how great our product will be isn’t adding value, that’s just more bullshit. Of course we would say that!

This is the story (as you might have guessed) of how we arrived at the idea for this 50-day blog. We believe that what you get back is a reflection of your contribution. And for that reason we’ll give it everything we’ve got.👊

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