Day 22: Legal Stuff

Whilst we highly rate the idea of being dessert slingin’ banditos, it’s not about ending up in the clink. Here’s a few of the low-hanging hoops to jump through if you’re planning to get into the game.⠀

First you need to decide whether to set up as a Sole Trader or Limited Company, and take a few steps towards making that happen. The former is simpler and cheaper to set up, though you’ll be liable for anything that goes wrong. ⠀

Next on the list is insurance, for protection if you run into trouble. In our case we’ll need both public and employers liability, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The sole trader / limited company question affects this, so call it before you call for a quote.⠀

Finally you need to make good with the council, who regulate food trading standards in the area. Send them a form and they’ll come by for a visit to make sure you’re fit to sell food. To pass the inspection you’ll need a food safety management system in place. Smash it, you’ll score 5/5.

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