Day 24: Banking

You’ve heard it said that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Whilst in one sense this stands against everything we hope to achieve, there’s also some truth to the matter.

Opening a dedicated business account is a bonafide no-brainer, especially in 2019. Imagine your bank statement if all personal and business transactions were mixed together. Now imagine that over the course of a year.

We opened a small business account with @tidebanking, an online platform aimed at people exactly like us. It has all the features of a traditional account with additional functions built in:

1. Attach receipts and invoices as you go
2. Automatically categorises all transactions
3. Generates invoices (see ya, Microsoft Word)
4. Multiple accounts (useful to set aside tax owed)

What this stuff really offers you is time, control and peace of mind. The last thing you need with a demanding child is to be worrying about money. So take the help where you can get it, especially if it’s free.

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