Day 3: Naming Secret Nicky’s

Choosing a name for a business can be difficult, like naming a band. You’re reducing a complex idea to something very simple, which must also be unique and memorable. And if you think too hard it can sound contrived. If you’re lucky a name will come about organically and just sit right.

A housemate of ours had the Letterland books as a child. In this world, each letter of the alphabet has a character attached. ‘N’ was ‘Naughty Nick’. This became a term of scolding for everyday domestic crimes – leave the lights on, or the fridge door open, and YOU are “Naughty Nick”. This evolved when a box of magnums arrived in our freezer. These indulgent frozen treats, hidden from view, became known as “Secret Nickys”.

This name also worked as a homage to the concept’s Mid Western heritage, where custard is king, and brands like “Ted’s” or “Leon’s Frozen Custard” reign supreme.

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