Day 6: Building a Visual Identity

If you’re a creative or visual person, this bit is a lot of fun. You’re breathing colour and form into something that was just words before, and you don’t know where you’ll end up. The good news: you need zero design skills to get started, only internet access and a few keywords.⠀

We opened an account on Pinterest and created a Secret Nicky’s mood board – a collection of images that would establish a foundation for the brand. We were then able to search for pictures relating to our keywords (things like “frozen custard”, “future desserts” and “motel signs”), and save anything we liked to the board.⠀

In no time we amassed over 50 images and patterns began to emerge. We could identify colour palettes, typography and visual treatments that characterised the board as a whole, and the combination of random elements kicked out some original ideas. Chrome provided a nice contrast to our core colours, so we moved to bring it more into play.⠀

Suddenly we had something that said more in a moment than we could explain in an hour, and could share it just by sending a link. It would save us loads of time and energy in the long run – a trove of ideas for all sorts of things, and a gold mine for any designer.

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