Day 7: Designing a Logo

Strong logos are packed full of meaning, some obvious and some hidden. The negative space in the FedEx logo forms the shape of an arrowđź’ˇand the Twitter bird flies in an upwards trajectory (it didn’t used to before). Here are some of the ideas that underpin our logo, designed by @samisaman.

An out-of-yellow brand was an obvious choice, with an off-red typeface to contrast. Yellow says ‘happy’ and ‘friendliness’, while red stimulates hunger and gets attention. It’s no coincidence that these are the colours of fast food brands liked McDonalds and Pizza Hut. But rather than red we opted for an ‘almost dark pink’, to bring up the mood and the sass.

Second, we wanted to reference American roadside signs (there were loads on our mood board) – and thought a strong directional arrow should do the trick. Not only does this speak to the frozen custard’s Mid-Western heritage, it also suggests speed and convenience.

Finally, we wanted the logo to feel dynamic and animated, as if it couldn’t sit still. Sam set a slanted typeface on an angled baseline, which forced the words to incline up the page, and introduced a white drop shadow for ‘pop’. Each of these treatments added lightness and motion to something that would otherwise have felt heavy and slow.

We recommend reaching out to @samisaman if you ever need help with design!

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