Day 8: The Product

It’s a cliche to say it’s all been done before, but to some extent (in food) this is true. Product categories like pizza, burgers and kebabs have conquered the world, but who remembers cappuccino soup? Levi’s didn’t invent jeans, Five Guys didn’t invent burgers. What they did do was bring a product that had already stood the test of time to a brand new audience, and do it f**king well.⁣

Frozen custard was first sold in Coney Island, New York in 1919. Ice cream vendors Archie and Elton found that adding egg yolks to ice cream gave it a richer taste, created a smoother texture, and helped it stay colder for longer. In their first weekend on the boardwalk they sold 18,460 cones. Later innovators would ditch the cones for cups and blend in toppings and sauces to make sundaes, but when it came to custard they called them ‘concretes’.⁣

Imagine a McFlurry that finally grew up and went on to reach it’s full potential. America’s frozen favourite meets Great British Baking, and your favourite childhood dessert re-engineered. Our hero dish will be our take on the Caramel Apple Sundae we first tried in St. Louis, but it’s new name will be “The Big Apple”.

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