Day 9: Information Overload

When starting a business you must take on every role, from marketing to operations to finance. In time you can hire skilled people to manage each of these areas, but in the early days it’s all down to you.

It’s essential to get a system in place to manage information and capture the best ideas when they come along. There are loads of tools that can help you to do this, it depends what works best for you. As a basic starting point we created a master spreadsheet on Google Drive with tabs under the following headings:

PNL (profit and loss)
Capex (capital expenditure)
Marketing (list of ideas)
Blog (list of ideas)
Menu (list of ideas)
Ingredients (quantities and costs)
Contacts (suppliers and other)
Logins (for various platforms)
Resources (useful websites)
Hashtags (good ones for social)
Timeline (key dates)

Though this seemed like a token gesture in the beginning the sheets quickly filled up, and now we return to the drive every day. It helps us retain a sense of control, build on ideas, and keep the big picture in mind.

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