Day 26: Dream Machine (Part 2)

Getting picked up at 6.30am by a refrigeration engineer to travel down to Surrey and buy a custard machine from a bloke you met on Gumtree is not something you do every day. But it is an example of one of the strange adventures you happen upon by starting something new.

Andrew was from Glasgow and a first-rate engineer. His speciality was in catering equipment but he also enjoyed refurbing old vans. Andrew was the insurance policy to minimise our risk – his job was to inspect the machine before any money changed hands, give us the nod, and carry out a full service once bought.

Our man with a van then arrived, the suitably-named “Dave”, to transport us back to London. We squeezed the machine into the back of his van (fridges should travel upright) and wrapped / strapped her in place. The final destination was our friend’s bonkers ice cream kitchen – our temporary home to test and experiment until we open our doors in Lewisham.

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