Day 27: Does Size Matter?

One conundrum we’ve had to consider is whether to offer multiple sizes – a kids size, for example, or the option to “go large”. By all accounts this is a simple enough question but there isn’t an obvious answer.

Yes // Lowers the cost to entry, attractive for parents with kids, great margins on the large size (and chance to upsell), true to American roots, large size would look better online.

No // Easier for customers to choose, simpler to handle orders, lower risk of someone over-eating (and having a bad time⛷), only one type of pot required, two regular sales > one large to share, no option for adults to downsize.

One guiding principle while you gather more data could be to err on the side of simplicity. For that reason we’re opting for the one-size-fits-all but you can bet your ass we’ll trial “Super Size” this summer 🚀✨

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