Day 28: Customer Journey

In order to finalise our plans for the shop we need to visualise our customer journey. This means putting ourselves in the mind of a customer to discover and experience our business, and then asking ourselves: How can we make this better?

The moment our customer passes through the entrance they’ll see an ice cream icon glowing down the alley. But as they come into full view of the shop they’ll see “FROZEN CUSTARD” broadcast overhead.

The natural next question for non-Americans to ask is: “What the f**k is that?” This is the moment we step in to help with a big light box that answers their question. The 10-second read will not only sell the product, but invite them to “Order this way ➡️”

They’ll look to the right to see a bright, clear menu with one simple decision to make: The Big Apple or Peanut & Honeycomb (TBC)? Both the same price, both the same size…

“Hello! 🤗 Which one do ya fancy?”

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