Day 30: Is Cash Still King?

More and more small businesses are going cashless in London. Should we follow suit? Taking card in 2019 is non-negotiable – our secret is all in the flavour.⠀

Handling cash, counting and banking it all sounds like extra work. Only 20% of customers pay in cash and most are happy to pay on card if asked to. It’s another layer of complexity to managing your accounts and you run the risk of human error. ⠀

On the other hand customers like to have the choice, and holding a small float can be handy. We’re hardly going to tell a wide-eyed 9-year-old clutching a fiver, “sorry kid, we only take card.” That would be tragic. We’re about making dreams here, not breaking ‘em!⠀

We can change what we do but to start we’re “card only” with a sign that lets people know. But if in the small moments we can help then we will. So don’t worry, kiddo. We got ya!

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