Day 39: Staff

A top priority for any type of business – how to find good people and keep them on board. Recruitment is hugely expensive for firms and the best ones don’t cut corners. Here’s three ideas that can help solve the problem:

1. List the most important personal qualities you want your staff to have and make them your red lines for hiring. Who you work with usually has a greater bearing on happiness at work than what you do. And if you’re planning a public-facing venture, who exactly do you want your customers to meet?

2. Give your staff a sense of purpose by helping them understand their value to the company and how it’s making the world a better place. Think about the difference if someone asks what you do, and you think: “I make people happy” vs. “I pull custard” – no small difference.

3. Notice when your staff do something well and let them know – the most effective form of feedback. Constructive criticism has it’s place (if it’s handled in the right way) but its impact on culture is not the same.

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