Day 47: Stacking the Shelves

There’s something very satisfying about your vision taking form but when the food arrives (and you get to break out the clip-lock tupperware) it hits another level.⁣

⁣Not sure what’s in your kitchen this evening, but here’s what we’ve got in ours. Fairly sure there’s a #lifegoal ✅ in here somewhere.

60 litres vanilla custard⁣

5kg peanut cookie⁣

5kg cinnamon crumble⁣

3.5 litres salted caramel⁣

3.5 litres honey-based caramel⁣

4 litres spiced apple compote⁣

4kg wild flower honeycomb⁣

300g almonds⁣

300g peanuts⁣

250g sea salt⁣

Lift off at Model Market this Friday.

SE13 6LS | 17:00 – 01:00 🚀✨

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