Day 49: Extra Ordinary

On the day before launching a business you might expect an extraordinary day. For us it meant standing in a 10-minute queue at Wilkinson’s for the third time in 24hrs with a baby crying in our ear.⁣

⁣In fact, this is what our penultimate day looked like – our to-do list word for word. If you’re getting into food for glamour.. best think again.⁣

⁣Crush Honeycomb⁣

Silicone Counter⁣

Paint Back Shelf⁣

Configure iZettle⁣

Collect Lubricant⁣

Assembly and Test⁣

Blitz Nuts⁣

Defrost Mix⁣

Install Bottle Rack⁣

Stencil “Welcome⁣”

Reappoint Menu⁣

Pin Menu Wire⁣

Decant Caramels⁣

Wrap Counter⁣

Sort Downlighter⁣

Organise Shelves⁣


⁣Tomorrow is the opening day and all this stuff is DONE. Looking forward to seeing you there, we won’t be hard to find.😎 ⁣

⁣SE13 6LS / 17:00 – 01:00 🚀✨

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